Friday, August 31, 2007

Threads of Time

Happy Birthday, Valerie!!!

I think I made this card the same year that I made the Train Delayed card (see 8/12/2007). It was made for my friend Valerie's birthday that year.

Instead of using any of the pigment powders for this card, I rubbed a Colorbox Violet Inkpad directly onto the chipboard. You have to heatset the ink at that point to make sure you get a good impression when you add the stamps. The assorted images were all stamped in Memories Black (but it turned dark purple during following steps). Then the embossing powders were applied the same way as in the post directly below this. Instead of dropping beads into the hot UTEE like I did on that card though, I had cut some fibers off of a metallic eyelash yarn (hence the name of the card) and dropped a few of those in there. Building up UTEE on top of a background of Colorbox ink, does not work quite as well as it would have if I had used the powdered pigments or painted the background. It tends to fade with each coat of embossing powder applied, but I still like the way it turned out.

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