Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Clyde Beatty Bush

Hi there!

I thought that I would try out this blogging that seems to be so popular! That's my baby up there. His name is Clyde and he has been with my hubby, Bob, and I for twenty-one years. Don't ask him if he can talk. He'll treat you to a rousing song of "Birds Can't Talk"! Yep... you heard that right. Although I taught him to say the phrase, he now prefers to sing it!!!


Holly said...

I love Clyde. He's such a gorgeous baby. And I remember "Birds can't talk." He was just saying it at the time I met him, though.

Keely said...

Yes, and he thinks you should come for another visit!!!

Clyde's latest phrase is Ren & Stimpy's tagline, which Bob felt obligated to teach him. Only he can't quite get the "J" sound, so it comes out, "Happy, Happy, 'Oy, 'Oy!!!"

Bob said...

I think that's my blood on his beak isn't it?

Jean said...

So very cool to meet Clyde.