Monday, August 20, 2007

In the Jungle, The Mighty Jungle...

Now just how many grocery stores do you know of that are set up like a theme park? And I'm not just talking about the outside, which will soon feature a monorail ride and has the rows of parking set up with colorful characters to help you find your car again after you leave.

No, I'm talking about a store that has animated characters welcoming you to the different areas inside the store! Imagine a full size firetruck hoisted up above the massive hot sauce display. Penguins frolicking over the frozen food. A talking Campbell's Soup can poised over the American Groceries. What??? Did she say American Groceries??? Why... Yes, yes I did. Because you see, this is no ordinary grocery. Welcome to Jungle Jim's International Market!!!

Every time Bob and I go down to Cincinnati, Ohio, we make a point of stopping there. They have a massive fruit and vegetable section with many exotic selections. Bob and I got a Durian down there a few weeks back and used it to make smoothies. I spied some Dragon Fruit in there the other day, and we are hoping that they will still have some when we go down on Monday. That would make a striking addition to a fruit salad.

They have a map available at the entrance to help you navigate all of the different sections. For that matter, you can make arrangements to go on a guided tour. Explore the Jungle, if you will!!!

As for Bob and I, we always hit the produce section hot and heavy and then pick out an area to explore. Did you know that in England, Nestle markets a chocolate bar that is for men? Yup! It is called YORKIE and the "O" has been replaced with the international no symbol with a woman in it. Their slogan is... IT'S NOT FOR GIRLS! What does that have to do with anything, you ask?!?! Well, you can buy them at Jungle Jim's. Along with all sorts of other strange items lurking among the shelves. It's always an adventure!!!

So follow the hyperlinks and check it out. Don't forget to stop at the restroom!!! It's a hoot!!!

Oh... and for those of you that followed Tera's link to this site, the thing that made her laugh so hard is the post directly below this one. Have fun!!!


Jean said...

That's incredible. Cincy hasn't been a hangout for me -- I think I've been there three times, and twice was to transfer in the airport.

The first time was to go to Kings Island with college roomates on a trip down from Columbus (I think -- it's been a long time now).

This sounds fascinating. Thanks for posting.

Heidi and Justin said...

Now we have to make a stop in Ohio when we go on tour, and take some time out to go see Jungle Jim's!!!

It seems like quite the adventure; something you'd need your walking shoes for!

~ Heidi