Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeder Friends

I always liked this card. And I always intended to make more of them. I even have the stamps down in my basement tucked away in a box ready to go. (Don't tell me that you never do this!!!) Anyhow, this was another project of my stamp club. We drew names, and then mailed a card to the person who's name we drew. Mine went to Mari Roberts.

The main image, Feeder Friends HMTR1021 from Stampa Rosa, was stamped and embossed in black embossing powder on white cardstock. The image was then colored using an assortment of Le Plume watercolor brush markers. Now, this was done way back before the stamps came out with the color indexing, so I thought the birds looked like chickadees. Well... they are sparrows. In fact, looking at the stamp now, I'm not sure why I didn't see that right away!!! [grin]

I made a card out of red cardstock and layered the white panel on top. Inside I *think* I stamped and embossed in black the phrase "Live, love, laugh and be happy..." CR1034. I'm not 100% sure because I never scanned the inside, and it has been a loooong time since I made that card.

I then stamped the image, Amanda Writes HMGR1001, on a envelope I made using pink speckled paper. To protect the innocent and the guilty [snicker], I have sprayed over the addresses in Paint. I'm sure you could have all done a better job of this, but I don't know a lot about altering images in the computer! And for those bright people who caught it... Yes, I did mail the card and then I borrowed it back to scan it. I'm shameless!!!


Holly said...

I remember the elaborate envelopes we sent to each other. I loved doing those.

dawn said...

you did a really wonderful job on this, keely.

Keely said...

Holly, I still have a special wooden box upstairs in the closet with all of your letters to me, so I still have all those great envelopes!!!

Dawn, Thanks sweetie! I'm inspired by my friends and rubber stamp artists!!! [wink-wink]