Monday, August 27, 2007

with this ring...

Twenty four years ago today, two silly kids joined hands and hearts in a small country church with just a few very close friends and family in attendance. Well... obviously we weren't the only ones being silly!!! [grin] Rev. Buell was also a bit silly that day!!!

I want to point out the size of cake that I cut to feed Bob for the cake eating ceremony. Now look at the size that Bob cut to feed me!!! And you just know what he did by that evil smirk on his face. Mind you, this was right after my mother had lectured us about being crass and told us not to smash the cake in each others faces. We always did have a problem with authority figures!!! [grin]

When you read this, Bob... I would share my cake all over again with you.

I Love You!


Jean said...

Happy Anniversary.

dawn said...

i totally missed your anniversary.
you totally rocked your shoes, girl.

all of your stampedbeauties are wonderful.

Keely said...

thanks ladies!!!