Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Necklace for Mary

(Click to supersize)
I was planning on posting a picture of my foot all taped up by the podiatrist, but wouldn't you really rather see this!!! Besides, I had a special request from Raw Diva Tera to post a picture of some of my jewelery.

This was the very first beaded necklace that I ever made. Okay... it is the ONLY beaded necklace I have ever made! I made it as a gift for my friend Mary, who throws the absolute bestest birthday parties for herself. It's like going to a children's birthday party! We have games with prizes, an art project, lots of great food, and Mary makes us each a wondrous party favor!!! Mary is an artist, and since all of her friends are artists, too, she gets some really amazing gifts. I think we all try to outdo each other, and it results in a lot of beautiful gifts!!!

All of the larger beads are Swarovski Crystals and the smallest beads were a string of tiny crystal seed type beads. To see the colors, you really do need to click on the picture to supersize it. In fact, all of the pictures on this blog can be viewed at their original size by clicking on them. The necklace sparkles almost as much as Ms. Mary!!!

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dawn said...

mary & the necklace are beautiful!