Monday, November 12, 2007

Sexed Up!!!

WOW! That title got your attention, didn't it!!!

Bob and I have always referred to Clyde as a he, although we both suspect that he may be a she. However, without having a sex test done, it is impossible to know for sure.

Today I took Clyde to see Dr. Mohan, and he suggested that we have Clyde sexed. I told him that we really did not need to know, but he pointed out that we may want to consider it in the future. Certain medical questions would be answered by knowing which sex he was for sure. I told him I would consider it for a future visit.

However, one of those medical problems popped up. Dr. Mohan said that Clyde is in excellent health, but when I took him to see the doctor six month's ago, he had an elevated reading for something that started with an "L". (My memory is shot.) Anyhow, we treated Clyde with medications to clear it up, but he again tested high for it at this visit. Dr. Mohan said that we would check it again in six month's and if it was still elevated he would medicate him again. However, he said that if he is a she, and has "come of age" shall we say... well then, those elevated readings would be normal. So I bit the bullet and shelled out the cash to find out. I figured that if he is a she, then I wouldn't have to pay for the medication again... which costs just as much!

I told Bob that I really did not want to know, because for twenty-one years the bird has gone by the name Clyde, and I did not want to feel guilty for not changing it. Bob went online and looked up the name Clyde and found that it was of Welsh origin and could be used for a male or female. I asked him what the name meant and he said that it meant "hardy and fair", as well as "heard from afar". Well... we certainly named that bird right!!! [grin] Anyhow, it will be a couple of weeks before we get any news on that front, but we'll keep you posted!!!

UPDATE: He is a She!!! [grin]


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