Thursday, November 22, 2007

No Turkeys and a Ten

This is a picture of our Raw Vegan Thanksgiving dinner. I dug out the antique china but was too lazy to drag out the box of sterling silverware. [grin] If you would like to see more of our dinner and find out just what is on those plates, please go to Dinner for Two!

Tera of The Raw Divas tagged me to post ten things I am thankful for this season. Here is my ten. And if you are reading this post, you have just been tagged!!!

1) Bob
2) my family and my in-laws
3) my wonderful friends
4) a roof over my head
5) raw food in my tummy
6) The Raw Divas
7) rubber stamps
8) luscious yarns
9) green smoothies
10) Ha Long Bay Restaurant


Bob Bush said...

I hope you're including Clyde under family! I don't want that bird trying to tear any more skin off me!

Keely said...

Well, of course they are included! Clyde and Dovecakes are our feathered children!!! [grin]

ATC said...

Greetings from the frozen North, loved your Thanksgiving dinner, your blog is fantastic and your feathered children are a hoot

Off now to put more coal on the fire.

Hugs and love
I hope it works this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dawn said...

keely, i hope you have a wonderful cozy weekend.
that looks wonderful. i would pick that pecan & eat it if you turned your back. :)