Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Year Older...

Yeah... I know that the picture quality is poor, but it is what it is! What is it, you say?!?!? Why this is a picture of a couple of young women in their senior year of high school in 1979. What does that have to do with me turning 47? Well, THAT is a convoluted story!!! [grin]

This photo is of my best friend, Holly Lisle, and I. I believe it was taken on or very close to her birthday as I remember buying her a hermit crab as a gift (and that would be what she is holding). Holly and I were born the same year, but Holly's birthday is exactly one month earlier than mine. She also gave birth to her last child, my godson, on MY birthday!

So happy birthday to me... and Happy Birthday Joe!!!


Katie and Kara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope your birthday is how you like it to be. We will call you later today. We love you beyond words, beautiful friend.
Katie and Kara

Keely said...

Aaaah! You guys are sooo sweet!!! I love you both and little Murmer, too, more than you will ever know!

dawn said...

ooh, happy belated birthday!!!!
hope you are still celebrating it, keely.

Jean said...

I recognized Holly immediately. Great picture.

What a birthday present! He's a neat kid -- growing into a fine young man.

Hope you had a happy birthday.