Monday, November 19, 2007

Weather in Ohio

About a week ago, the temperature in the Columbus area was in the mid-70s and beautifully sunny. Two days later, it was snowing and pretty darn cold! The bottom picture was taken that morning from the hotel window where we were staying. Although we were in Youngstown at the time, our local friends assure us that it looked much the same here.

As for today... it almost made it to 50 degrees. The day started out quite pretty and I was admiring the fall foliage (the buckeye trees look great right now), but it is now just after 3 PM and it looks like it should be around 6:30, it is so dark out right now!!! [sigh]

I guess it just proves the old joke correct... You don't like the weather in Ohio? Wait a day (or hour, in some tellings), it will change!

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