Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thong Bookinis

Quite a while back I was browsing in a bookstore when I spied the coolest bookmarks. They were called "Book Thongs", and my first thought was... I can make those! The amazing thing is, I actually did make some!!!

The ones you see above were made as Christmas gifts for my coworkers at the time, about four years ago, I think. Of course, I couldn't call them by the same name! [grin] Mine are called "Thong Bookinis"!!!

The one on the left was made for one of Bob's coworkers just this past year to mark her pages as she recovered from surgery.

The last grouping was also made at the same time as the first group and went to family members and my buddies Sue and Valerie. All of the ones made as holiday gifts were boxed in a little red box with a green fabric ribbon with a little tag (shown temporarily attached to the bottom groupings thongs) identifying the recipient.

I just thought that if you were trying to think of stocking stuffers and had a bunch o' beads and some waxed linen...


Anonymous said...

gee....seems to me that about 4 years ago when the stamp club didn't have any direction, katie and i brought along the beads and waxed linen to make some of these same things. could it be? we added charms to one of the ends. we also sold them through "feed your spirit", a store in clintonville. fonda

Keely said...

[grin] Like I said, Fonda... it was quite a while back!!!

I first saw the "Book Thongs" at a Barnes & Noble. Loved the idea, loved the name, planned to make my own but did not want to call mine the same thing, so tweaked it to "Thong Bookinis". I bought one so I would remember to make them... someday. [grin]

If you and Katie had not been scheduled to lead the stamp club meeting two years later, I might never have bought the supplies needed to make a couple that evening, and therefore would not have been having a play date with Jeanne shortly after because she missed the meeting. If I hadn't had the play date with Jeanne, I never would have made all but one of these that are pictured. (The one in a picture by itself was made just a few months ago.) So you can say YOU were the kick in the butt I needed to get started!!!

I never marketed mine, though. I just give them away. Do you two still sell yours now that Feed Your Spirit has gone out of business? I forget, what did you call yours? They were quite ornamental and faboo... almost like jewelery for your books!!!

msraven66 said...

I totally love the ideal, what a neat gift for any reader!