Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

I spent Beggar's Night in the company of the neighbors this year. We just hung out outside the digs and passed out candy! (Note to Self - four regular sized bags.) Where were my regular revellers, you ask? Bob is out of town through Friday. Carol no longer lets Bob drive at night, so they (my in-laws) stayed home. Katie and Kara spent their Halloween in their new home, and Laura (who may have missed one since I've known her) is hot and heavy into moving mode, so was unable to come over.

I did get a surprise visit from Jennifer and Jeff Baringhaus showing off their little bundle of joy in Brady's first Halloween costume, though! That was a real treat!!!

Because I have been out of town so much with Bob, and because I was not going to be making a fancy meal just for me, I only decorated the outside of the house and did nominal decorating in the front room. Mind you, it still was pretty impressive, but I know how many more boxes of stuff I have that never got put out!

Below are pictures from this year AND you can find the pictures of the 2007 pumpkin in the post You Don't Know Jack! Enjoy!!!

Although I like the fact that you can see everything to a much better degree in the "red" photos taken with my camera, the photo below, taken with Bob's camera, is actually much closer to the true color.


dawn said...

your decorations are amazing.
so glad that you had great fun.

Keely said...

Thank you, Dawn. Unfortunately, now I have to pack it all away for another year.

You know, I could very easily be one of those "crazy" people who live in a gothic manor and drive an antique hearse year round!!! Honest... I could!!! [grin]

Katie said...

I love the Halloween pics. I notice something different each viewing.

Keely said...

Thanks, sweetie! I'm glad you are enjoying them!!!