Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Don't Know Jack!

Pumpkin 2000 (No time to carve...lots of compliments!)

Pumpkin 2001 A (Two got carved this year!!!)

Pumpkin 2001 B (I usually only carve one of the two I buy.)

Pumpkin 2002

Pumpkin 2004 (2003 never got carved, so I'm not posting it)

Pumpkin 2005 (Year of the Party!!!)

Pumpkin 2006 (Hey! I was pressed for time!!!)

Pumpkin 2007

Do you know where the tradition of carving Jack-O'-Lanterns comes from? Well check it out... and then you WILL know Jack!

Note to Self: Do not carve designs with very narrow connecting pieces before Beggars Night. This year's pumpkin was carved two days before. This photo was taken the following day and it already had to be reinforced with toothpicks!!! Hopefully that will get it through October 31st, though.


dawn said...

those are awesome, blossom!

Amy said...

Impressive carvings! Wow!

Keely said...

Thanks ladies! The neighbor girls each carved a pumpkin using the Pumpkin Masters designs, too! I wish I would have taken a picture of their four pumpkins! Our condo building put on a pretty impressive display!!!