Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Haunting

These are just a few pictures of Beggar's Nights in the past. These primarily focus on the kitchen as I did not decorate it this year so have no new pictures. (I did change the light bulbs and put sheets over the table and chairs, though.)

This is my typical spread for Beggar's Night! The menu features Pumpkin Burgers. We also have a variety of cheeses, whole cashews, Craisins, veggie platter with homemade spinach dip, Pringles chips, M&Ms and white chocolate covered pretzels. We either serve mulled cider, or I have a Halloween punch that I sometimes make.

I dearly love my Halloween cheese plate and my chip bowl and drink carafe with matching beaker glasses!!!

This is my antique cherry cupboard festooned for the season.

Top of the cookbook bookcase. I made the CD Eyeball Clock at one of my Stamp Club meetings.

This is my mini gothic church ruins and forsaken cemetery. I did not get them out this year, but wanted to share!

I think this picture is ingenious!!!

The painting resting against the wall was made by my sister, Chana, while she was still in high school. Although you can't tell it by looking at this picture, it is mostly done in vibrant colors. I had it framed, but the picture jumped off the wall, not long before this picture was taken and the frame broke in a couple of places.

And I just KNEW you had to see what was on my refrigerator!!! [grin] I made the stamped domino magnets.


Amy said...

Wow Keely! Love that old photo! Sooooo creepy! Do you ever watch Ghost Hunters on SciFi? I bet you'd like it!

Keely said...

Ghost Hunters was my constant background noise yesterday as I was putting the finishing touches on the haunt!!! [grin]