Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Aaa-CHoo and a Happy Hack-Hack

It never fails. I get a few days off for fun and frolic with Bob... and I catch a cold.

Bob has been off work for over a week now, and I swear... within a couple of days I was already starting to show signs of a cold coming on. I'd get to feeling better and the next day I would be out for the count. I made it through to Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) but by that evening, I could feel it coming on again. The next day I was a sniffling, snorting mess!

That is why no one has heard from me. I have been hibernating since then. I am now starting to show signs of life. Of course that means step two is about to start... Bob is showing the first signs of a cold! [sigh]


dawn said...

we won't even get started on the fact
that you don't look a day over eighteen.
honeychild, you are beautiful!

Keely said...

Ah, Gee... [blush-blush]

Thanks, Sweetie!