Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't Judge a Blog...

I had a good laugh today!

I opened up my blog and checked to see what was going on. I have this little program that runs on my sidebar that lets me see approximately what cities, states and countries that my visitors are coming from. Doesn't tell me who the visitor is, just their location. It also tells me what site they arrived from (if they arrived via a link on that site) and gives me the option of clicking on it to visit that location. Now occasionally someone will arrive there via a search. Once in a while, I will click on searches to go back and see just what they were searching for that lead them to my site.

Today I had to laugh. The search had been for "divas in girdles" and after reading the description of my site, who could blame them for checking it out!!! [grin] (Keep in mind also, that in addition to being women who eat raw foods, the phrase "Raw Diva" is used by some professional women wrestlers in this country!)

keely bush: I'm a Raw Diva!!!
I felt really good about the program, and loved the lovely Divas, Tera and Amy, ... Bras and Girdles - Sexed Up!!! Thong Bookinis - Look at ME!!! ... - 70k -
Similar pages

Can you imagine their dismay when they actually arrived at my site and saw to what those titles referred!!! "Bras and Girdles" is a picture of an amusing sign in Youngstown, Ohio and directs you to go to my hubbies blog for an amusing, yet thought provoking, post. "Sexed Up!!!" and "Look at ME!!!" are both posts about our bird Clyde. And "Thong Bookinis" is actually just a post about some bookmarks I made out of beads and a string!!! Oh... and the "I'm a Raw Diva" is the post about me adopting a raw vegan lifestyle!!! [ROTFL]

Sorry... just had to share!!! [grin]


StamperJoyce said...

Way too funny!

Hugs, Joyce

dawn said...

well, i hope your raw diva self has a kickass holiday. you temptress you.


Jean said...

I'm amused by the searches. Mine have been very mundane, but some others I have read about are hilarious.