Friday, December 21, 2007

Ha Long Bay... The Party!

The owners of Ha Long Bay Asian Kitchen threw an appreciation party for their favorite customers and the staff on December 20th. Bob and I felt very honored to be among those asked to attend!

PA cooked up a whole bunch of delicious Vietnamese dishes, some of which are not on the restaurant's menu, and served them up buffet style so that the servers could enjoy the party, too! It was really great to be able to just sit and visit with some of our favorite people!!!

Here are just a few pictures from that evening...

This was my plate. We honored the cooks by tasting a bit of everything that they made... and yes, that included dishes with meat. Although we would never order or eat meat normally, we both felt strongly that this should be an exception to our strict vegetarian rule.

Oh... I don't think they come any cuter than this!!! I'm talking about the baby, folks... not me! [grin] Isn't she a sweetie!!!

Here are three of our favorite waitresses... Annie, Beth and Kim. Two others, Sera and Christine, were out of the state at the time of the party. I missed the opportunity to take pictures of the two waiters, Khan and An. They are all great, and always make us feel right at home!!!

Bob poses with Christina and the wee one. Christina asked Bob if it would be okay for them to call him Uncle!!!

The people seated at the table were other guests of the evening. Standing behind the table is the head chef, PA, his mother, and his wife, Christina. PA and Christina are the proud owners of Ha Long Bay Asian Kitchen, and the hosts of the evening.

If you would like to see more pictures from that night, just click this link!!!

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