Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

In America, THE place to be on New Year's Eve is New York City. I've never been there in person, but I always watch the ball drop on TV. Here in Columbus, Ohio they call the celebration party "First Night". I've never been to that either. I just sit at home, nibble on some crackers and cheese and have a glass of Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante. I may watch a DVD and then switch over to Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve to see the ball drop in New York at midnight. IF I have any energy at that hour, I may go outside and burn a sparkler to add light to the new year. Bob will have gone to bed hours earlier!!! [grin]

When I was growing up my mother would get a couple of different chips and dips (potato chips and french onion dip, and Frito-Lay corn chips and salsa), a bag of pretzels (or she would pop popcorn), and a six-pack of pop (soda) for each of us. (This is back when it was still in glass bottles) This was a real treat because we were not allowed to have chips and dip usually, and the only time we got pop was on Sunday, and then just one bottle. On New Year's Eve, Mom would let us each drink all six, if we wanted!!! (I bet we were bouncing off the walls!!!) I should have mentioned that we usually started off the evening with pizza for our dinner... so it was a true gastronomical catastrophe!!! [wink-wink]

We would all get snuggley in our flannel nighties or pajamas and Mom would set up a card table in the living room and we would all work on a big jigsaw puzzle while watching a monster movie(and munching and slurping pop). Yeah... great thinking on their part. Hype the kids up on sugary drinks and junk food and then let them watch monster movies before going to sleep! [grin]

Then at some point later in the evening, Dad would turn on Guy Lombardo's New Year's special, and we would watch that until the ball dropped in New York at midnight. As soon as it dropped, we would grab our flashlights, bell and whistle and run outside, while "Auld Lang Syne" was playing. We would look through the bare trees to our neighbor's house on the hill.

First Doctor Jose (in HIS pajamas) would turn on his floodlight to his back yard, then he would trudge through the snow to his dinner bell which was on the edge of the woods. As soon as he started "ringing in the New Year", Chana and I would start up our noise... Chana on the hand bell, and me on a loud whistle and we would wave our flashlights in the air. (At least one year we had sparklers, which is what prompts me to light one on New Year's Eve, now.) When Dr. Jose was done ringing the bell, he would wave at our family and we would call out a New Year's greeting to each other. The night was cold, and our voices carried quite well through the woods. We would go back in the house and either stay up and finish the puzzle (if it was still not done) or go to bed with a stomach ache!!!

Ahhh... memories! I don't think that the neighbors here in the suburbs would appreciate me ringing a bell and blowing a whistle. [sigh]

May the New Year bring you peace, prosperity, health, and happiness... and a good puzzle or two!!!


dawn said...

i loved reading this post.
happy new year, sweetcheeks.

Keely said...

Glad I could share!!!