Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WOOLY-WOOLY, wooly-wooly...

Jeanne, you should be singing now!!! [grin]

For those of you who live vicariously through other people's
blogs... and in this case, mine... we took a walk in the woods today! (This will have to hold you over, because I will not be posting for a few days.)

The leaves are not changing yet, but the goldenrod is in full bloom! We had quite a bit of rain the last few days, and there were several downed trees. One of the trees that was down and already cut up and dragged off of the path was one that I walked under a week ago. I remember at the time looking up at it and thinking, "Now there is an accident waiting to happen". Evidently there were no actual witches harmed when it fell, as I saw no shriveling feet nor ruby slippers left behind!!! [grin]
I always like to take my camera when I walk, because you never know who you might meet. Last week, I had a pleasant conversation with Mr. Groundhog. Well, I talked, and he ate his dinner while nodding at some of my finer points. Then I moved on to have a chat with Ms. Squirrel, she too, was more interested in a particularly large nut than in me. (No. Bob was not with me. I walk too slow for him, so he takes a longer path. I am referring to a black walnut!) However, I forgot my camera that week.

This week, any encounters with friendly critters was thwarted by, what I believe to be high school boys training for cross country track. In my younger days, I would have blushed and pretended I was not looking at them as they bounced along with a pair of sneakers, some shorts and very little else. Alas... my thought at seeing them bounding through the woods was... "Well, there goes any chance of seeing animals this week!!!" [sigh]

I did, however, spy the local weather forecaster as he was out for a stroll and snapped a picture. I believe, judging from his coat, that the winter will be mild, overall. [grin]


StamperJoyce said...

I LOVE this post, since I'm not able to go out for nature walks myself.

Bummed that I didn't make it to Stamp Club on Monday... was all set to go and then the phone rang. Turned out to be a friend who was in crisis and suicidal, so I bit the bullet and stayed home to help her out. It's a shame, since I was SO looking forward to seeing everyone (especially you)and their Holiday stuff.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

I'm glad you stopped by my spot and liked what you saw! I love meeting new people, even if only in cyberspace. This post of yours makes me HOMESICK! =o) I'm a transplanted Hillbilly (WV) gal, and I haven't seen a wooly bear in YEARS! Love your little corner!