Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blue Moon Fairies

Many moons ago (but only two of them blue), I tried my hand at making art dolls. Some friends of mine decided to do an exchange, and I wanted to make fairies! I took my initial inspiration from the web comic, Pibgorn, which is one of my favorites!

I started out with a 14" bendi doll which I dyed a soft pink. Then I painted each of them with Lumiere paints in Halo Pink Gold, Halo Violet Gold, Metallic Olive Green and Metallic Bronze and I gave each of them a stylish little "skirt" of beaded ribbon which was just attached with fabric glue.

Then came the fun! Raiding my stash of fibers, I used an assortment of complimentary colors and types of yarn and hand sewed each one to the doll's heads.

Now everybody knows that a fairy can't fly without some wings. My first impulse was to try to fashion lovely long gossamer wings. (By the way... did I mention I don't sew???) [grin] Abandoning that, I utilized some filmy fabric petals off of flowers that I liberated from the trash at work a few months earlier. All I needed to do was cut a couple of very small slits in the back, stick a dab of glue in the slit, poke the wings in there and secure them with a few small stitches.

I finally finished the four little friends at about midnight on the night of the blue moon. I fashioned a little necklace out of little metal leaf beads (by Blue Moon Beads, no less!) for each doll, and as I fastened it around each neck I "breathed life into her" and christened her with a name.

Thus, the Blue Moon Fairies were born... Flora, Fawna, Terra and Pib.

Each has flown away to a new home, but someday I will make them a sister who will live with me. I just have to wait for the next blue moon!!!


Nikki said...

Keely - I love the Blue Moon Fairies! They're so're so creative. :)

Keely said...

Thank you, Nikki!!!

Anonymous said...

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