Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog's Day

You know ... there has been a lot of talk from PETA saying how cruel it is to "cage" a groundhog and parade him around in front of thousands of people every February 2nd. They were specifically referring to Punxsutawney Phil in their tyraid. It is PETA's belief that Phil should be replaced by a robotic facsimile. *sigh*

Now I can't speak for any of those other rodent weather prognosticators, but have you ever seen Phil's "cage"? He has a very large climate controlled room with both a public sun room where he can lounge with his family and make fun of his adoring fans and a private area, complete with "underground" digs. That "Whistle Pig" has got it made in the shade!

Yes ... it is true that he is carted up to Gobbler's Knob once a year to make his prediction. The fact is that this groundhog has never run wild and is totally comfortable being cuddled by his handlers. As the local celebrity, he lives a life of luxury and really soaks up the attention. As a domesticated groundhog, he will far outlive his wild brethren. And despite the fact that he only has a 39% accuracy record when it comes to his weather predictions, he is adored by all.

Particularly since he generally predicts 6 more weeks of winter and everyone is happy when he IS wrong! *grin*

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